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Current Committees

Adult Religious Education

Conducts programs for the religious education of adults, particularly in the second hour after the first Meeting for Worship of each month. Members: Michael Levi, Chloe Schwenke, Joan Spinner, and Kate Titford


Works with architects, contractors, etc. on the renovation project, making small decisions when necessary and bringing large ones to business meeting.

Communications sub-committee

Responsible for all online communications Members: Carol Beigel, Mackenzie Morgan, Ann Marie Moriarty, Richard Renner, Diana Rutherford, Reuben Snipper, and Ada Tester

Development and Stewardship sub-committee

Leads and coordinates Meeting’s fundraising efforts to support the meeting. Members:Andrei Israel, Alden Meyer, Ann Marie Moriarty, Pat Nutter, Diana Rutherford, and Victor Thuronyi


Prepares the annual budget, and collects from members and attenders funds sufficient to meet the Meeting’s responsibilities, supports its interests and cares for its property. Members: Patricia Crocker, Alden Meyer, Pat Nutter, Reuben Snipper, Catherine Vanderwaart, and James Wilkinson


Makes the meetinghouse a welcoming place and organizes the weekly lunch. Members: Joan Clement, Suzanne Costilo, Renee Ding, Lynn Hardesty, Helena Jareb, Will Kastens, Pat Nutter, and Alice Van Buren

House and Grounds

Maintains and improves the physical property of the Meeting, coordinates work days, and supervises maintenance. Members: Pud Baker, John Bassert, Heather Carter, Larry Clements, Michael Houghton, Will Kastens, Jill Leonard, Patrick Mulvey, Joseph Ndayisenga, and Roger Russell


Oversees circulation of books, keeps them in good repair, and selects new materials based on member and attender requests. Members: David Castillo Mueller, Samantha Magrath, Judith Mulvey, and Diana Rutherford

Memorial Garden

Is responsible for all matters related to Adelphi’s Memorial Garden. Members: Pud Baker, John Bassert, Nicole Cintas, Joy Newheart, Kate Titford, and Martha Woods

Ministry and Worship

Ensures that Meeting for Worship or for Business proceeds on the basis of a silent and attentive search for Divine guidance; arranges Meetings for marriage; prepares the annual Spiritual State of the Meeting report.  This committee is responsible for adult religious education and silent announcements and is the Committee on committees.  Committee members must be members of the Religious Society of Friends. Members: Alexander Barnes, Ruth Flower, Melanie Gifford, Ken Leonard, and Cheryl Morden


Considers capabilities, experiences, special gifts and talents of members and attenders as well as duties and responsibilities of each committee and office to select friends to serve the Meeting. Members: Jamie Buss, June Confer, Arthur Karpas, Molly Parrish, Cindy Sealls, and Alice Van Buren

Outreach and Fellowship

Greets folks on Sunday mornings before Meeting for Worship; welcomes newcomers and provides them with information and resources; and reaches out to members, attenders, and the surrounding community. Members: Maddie Arnold-Scerbo, Debbie Bassert, Philip Callahan, Larry Clements, Jade Eaton, Wendy Eck, and Mari Schimmer

Pastoral Care

Oversees the nurture and support of members and attenders, convening clearness committees for those who need or request them; assists with arrangements at time of death and sees that ill, troubled, or needy Friends are visited. Members: Mark Leach, Samantha Magrath, Sally Rudney, and Joan Spinner

Peace and Social Concerns

Ensures that the Meeting makes a suitable contribution to the furtherance of the testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends in the important areas of peace and social concerns. Members: Lisa Agogliati, Megan Donohue, Lainie Duncan, Charlie Goedeke, Jesse Greer, Daquanna Harrison, Connie Meyer, Anna Rain, and Mari Schimmer

Religious Education

Guides and conducts the formal religious education of the Meeting’s children, enhancing opportunities for them to experience and be guided by the Inner Light, and facilitates intergenerational events and celebrations. Members: Rob Duncan, Kathy Goldschmidt, Connie Meyer, Jenny O'Neil, and Ruby Steigerwald


Holds title and executes legal business pertaining to property and securities held by the Meeting.  Committee members must be members of the Religious Society of Friends.

Members: Richard Renner, Drew Sommers, and Victor Thuronyi

Past Committees

Long-Range Planning

At the 50th anniversary, it was decided that long-range planning was needed to envision where the meeting would go from here.