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Your financial contributions let us do more

How can I make a gift online?

Quick & easy, with this form!  Click on each part of the form to show the options like these:

  • You can give to the General Fund (to fund our annual budget) or the Building Fund (to donate specifically to our current building and renovation project).  You can give to our two Refugee Support Funds (to support refugees from Afghanistan or Nicaragua).  Please select only one fund at a time; return to this page to donate to a second fund.
  • You can give by credit/debit card or by ACH Bank Transfer (direct withdrawal from your bank account).  Bank transfer saves us money.
  • You can make a one-time gift or choose a schedule of automatic giving.  (More than 40 Adelphi families give automatic monthly donations, as it gives the meeting a much better sense throughout the year on how we are doing in meeting the budget.)
  • The Refugee Support Funds are administered by our Aid Fund committee and follow the policies and procedures of the Aid Fund.
  • Click on the down arrow to show the options for each part of the form.

The online donation form above is administered by Breeze, a company that manages online donations for thousands of organizations.  Breeze’s donation form is encrypted to protect your personal information.

When you give online, Adelphi members will not have any access to your bank-account or credit-card information.

How can I make a gift offline?

You may place cash or a check (made out to Adelphi Friends Meeting) in the donations box in the foyer of the meetinghouse.  Or give or mail your check to:

Asst. Treasurer
Adelphi Friends Meeting
2303 Metzerott Road
Adelphi, MD 20783

[email protected]

You can also give by credit card at the meetinghouse by asking the Treasurer after Meeting for Worship. 
If you would like advice on how to include the meeting in your will, designate the meeting as a beneficiary of an IRA, life insurance policy, or retirement plan, set up a charitable gift annuity, or contribute appreciated property (such as stock), please contact the Assistant Treasurer.

How can I change or cancel my recurring donation?

You can log into your Breeze account to make changes to your recurring donations, your directory entry, and other information related to your association with the meeting.

If you don’t have a Breeze account yet, the Communications Subcommittee can send you an activation link.

If you don’t want to manage your donations yourself, please contact the Assistant Treasurer, who can edit the donation for you.

Why is my gift to Adelphi meeting important?

Like your gift of time, energy, and expertise, your financial contribution is a valuable way of participating in the life of the meeting.   Each year, the meeting determines a budget, to support activities that carry out our values.   Your contribution helps to make that budget a reality. Adelphi members and attenders give at widely different amounts.   Over 100 families donate to Adelphi Friends Meeting.  No gift is too small; all are appreciated.

How will my gift be used?

Our budget is frugal.   About one quarter goes to keep the meetinghouse physical plant running; about one quarter goes to Baltimore Yearly Meeting; we contribute to other Quaker organizations and community organizations; and the remainder goes to the meeting’s own activities, including the Aid Fund and all of our committees.

a pie chart showing our budget for 2018
38% goes to service and outside organizations, 21% to the yearly meeting (denomination), 25% to property maintenance, and 16% to committee work and running programs

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, if you itemize.  In January of each year, the Assistant Treasurer sends each donor an annual receipt of contributions.  This receipt contains the statement required by the IRS that no goods or services were provided in exchange for the contributions.

Will my name be shared as a donor?

Our donors’ names are never published in any written source and donor information is kept confidential.


If you are looking for reimbursement for something you bought for Adelphi as part of some approved committee activity, then follow the reimbursement instructions.