Pastoral Care


The Pastoral Care Committee consists of approximately 6-8 members, with approximately one-third appointed each year.  The committee deals with a wide variety of matters concerned with the spiritual care of individual members and regular attenders, as well as membership requests.  Many duties of the members of Pastoral Care are delicate and personal.  In such areas, the committee’s proceedings are kept confidential and the dignity of the persons concerned is respected.  Responsibilities of members include:

  • Be responsive to needs for encouragement and support brought to the committee.
  • Coordinate the Meeting’s response to the needs of individuals as they are brought to the committee, including visiting homebound Friends.
  • Provide assistance and support to friends at the time of a death in the family.  Help to relieve the pain from stresses that may arise in the meeting.  Receive, consider, and recommend Meeting action on requests for and withdrawals from membership.
  • Provide clearness committees to assist couples contemplating marriage under the care of the Meeting.
  • Engage Friends in providing support and clearness committees for those who request them.
  • Cultivate a pattern of pastoring to each other within the Meeting.
  • Strive to conduct our work in a way that advances awareness of the Spirit as an active force in the Meeting.
  • Cultivate a healthy awareness of our limitations as individuals and as a committee, which allows us to serve more intentionally.

Committee Membership

Current members of the Pastoral Care Committee are: 

  • Wendy Eck
  • Mark Leach
  • Samantha Magrath
  • Sally Rudney
  • Joan Spinner

You can send an email to all Pastoral Care members here.