The Building Committee is working with architects, contractors, etc. on the new renovations to the meetinghouse. Current members include: Arthur Karpas, Rob Duncan, John Bassert, Mary Leonard, Ann Marie Moriarty, Angelyn Flowers, Glenn Riley, and Rick Vitullo.

Ad Hoc Building Committee charge

Date: 4/3/17

The Ad Hoc Building Committee will serve until it is laid down by business meeting, anticipated to be upon completion of construction of our new facilities.

Membership of the committee will be determined by business meeting upon recommendation of nominating committee, except that the committee will also include an ex officio[1] representative designated from time to time by the house and grounds committee. Nominating committee will propose terms for service, which may specify for some members to serve until a specified date or only for specified phases of the project.


  • Do all things necessary for the design and construction of the facilities, the general direction of which has been approved by business meeting, subject to business meeting approval of key decisions.
  • Report monthly to business meeting on how the work is going and what decisions or other actions are planned for the near future.
  • Provide transparency on its activities, giving meeting members the opportunity for input.
  • Bring decisions that the committee considers to be key to business meeting for approval, including at least (1) the initial instructions for architect’s drawings, and (2) the construction contract.

Business meeting may specify from time to time additional decisions that are considered as key.

The committee is authorized to incur expenditures in support of its function.


The building committee is given full power to take actions and make decisions on the building project, except that it must first obtain approval of business meeting on “key” decisions. Key decisions include the initial instructions for architect’s drawings, the construction contract, and any other decisions that the committee determines should be brought to the attention of business meeting for approval. In addition, business meeting itself may specify a decision as being one which it should approve (a “key decision”). Business meeting has the information to make this determination because the building committee will be reporting to the business meeting every month (bullet point two) and the building committee will provide transparency on its activities (bullet point three).

This flexible approach to identifying key decisions is taken because it would be virtually impossible to predict in advance which decisions business meeting might want to take itself. At the same time, the draft makes clear that the building committee may take actions on its own without business meeting approval on matters that are not “key” decisions as identified above.

[1] An ex officio member is a member of a committee who is part of it by virtue of holding another office.  Ex officio members have equal status on the committee to other members.

Note an earlier version included ex officio representatives of trustees, Finance, and Ministry and Worship Committees.


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