Renovation Plans

Building Our Future


A fully accessible meetinghouse with more space


Hoping to break ground summer 2020


new floor

elevator-accessible stories


disability accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms


larger social hall

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the building project?
Based on discussions flowing out of Adelphi’s 50th Anniversary celebration in 2006, Meeting began to feel that the current building configurations do not fully meet the needs of the community. Potluck lunches are cramped and noisy, many parts of the campus are inaccessible to those with limited mobility, the buildings are not fully air conditioned and air quality is poor in the basements, and there are not enough suitable rooms for our robust children’s program.
What's happened so far?

Meeting spent several years evaluating and deliberating design solutions to expand and renovate our facilities. This included holding an extensive design process facilitated by an architect. In 2013, Meeting adopted design criteria to guide the process. Based on excitement and momentum that developed through these discussions, Meeting decided to proceed with raising initial funds for the project through a Capital Campaign in 2014. That effort raised nearly $750,000, largely in three-year pledges that have now been paid. After extensive discussion, research, and discernment, Meeting for Business reached unity in 2016 on the design concept for the expansion and renovation.

In mid-2018, the project gained momentum as the Building Committee hired an owner’s representative to manage the process and began interviewing architects. In January, 2019, an architect was selected and has now been retained.

What will the new building look like?

The plan is to add a two-story space to the front of the existing Meetinghouse, expand the lobby, and renovate the basement. The Design Criteria specify a new large social space with a new kitchen on the second story, additional classrooms, better circulation, and accessible restrooms. The Meeting room will not be enlarged but will be upgraded with new windows, better wall and ceiling finishes, improved lighting, and an assisted listening system. A detailed rendering of the outside of the building can be seen at the top of this page.

How will the new building affect the life of our community?

The new space will make the Meeting a more welcoming place for visitors and long-time members of our community alike. The entire Meetinghouse building will be fully accessible, with accessible restrooms and an elevator; improved circulation through the building; air conditioning throughout; and better access between the Meetinghouse and the White House.

Improvements to the lobby will be more welcoming for newcomers and more comfortable for those who arrive late to Meeting for Worship. The larger social space and kitchen will make potluck less cramped and more suitable for special events. Additional classrooms will give our young people dedicated spaces for their activities.

The new spaces will also be available for a wide range of Meeting events and committee work. The plan includes investigating the possibility of opening the Meeting Room walls to the expanded lobby for additional capacity for weddings and memorials.

What's the project timeline?

An architect was chosen in January. Construction could begin as early as mid-2020 and take six months to a year, although the exact timeline is still uncertain.

How much is the project going to cost?

The current estimate is that the entire project will cost about $2.5 million with consultant costs and County permit and review fees included.

How is the Meeting going to pay for the project?

The Building Fund has more than $770,000 from donations to the first Capital Campaign, plus ongoing monthly donations to it, and interest on those donations. We are now in our second capital campaign, during which we hope to raise an additional $1 million. As of October 2019, that campaign has raised a little over a quarter million dollars.

If Meeting is unable to raise the rest of the funds that will be needed, the gap will be covered by a mortgage or other loan. Meeting may also need to take out a shorter-term bridge loan if building expenses are due before pledges are fully paid.

When does the 2019 capital campaign end?
Halloween 2019. Scroll down to make a pledge!

Pledge financially

We haven’t yet met our goal of raising $2.5 million. If you want to help build our future, please use the form below to make a pledge.

Making a pledge does not require immediate payment. We need to know by Halloween how much we can expect to be donated to this project over the next 3 years.


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