Memorial Garden

Current members of the Memorial Garden Committee include:  

  • Pud Baker
  • Catherine McHugh
  • Ernie Walker
  • Martha Woods


  1. Keeping the Meeting informed by:
    1. having the brochure describing the Memorial Garden available
    2. holding periodic information sessions which include info about the use of the Garden, how the stones are chosen, how and where they are engraved, and the option to have ashes buried in the garden
    3. making available to attenders and members the questionnaire used to express Individual preferences/wishes for use of the Memorial Garden and Memorial Meetings.
  2. Establish a fee and review it annually. The fee becomes part of the capitol improvement fund. This fee is paid by the family of deceased.
  3. Maintaining the record book (kept in the Meeting library) with information on the persons remembered in the Memorial Garden. This would include a picture and a biographical sketch of the deceased. The biographical sketch could be the Memorial Minute approved by the Meeting or the result of an interview with a surviving family member. The book also contains information about the Memorial Garden described above.
  4. Maintaining the Memorial Garden by:
    1. arranging for weeding, raking and clean-up
    2. planting flowers and trees as needed.
    3. maintaining a record or map of where ashes are buried (if not under the named stone.)
  5. Requesting an annual budget that includes a line item for the maintenance of the Garden, and a line item for administrative costs (i.e., brochure) and the Memorial Garden Fund which is for capital improvements (like benches).


The Memorial Garden Committee is NOT charged with writing memorial minutes. For that, see Ministry & Worship Committee. Caring for the bereaved is part of Pastoral Care‘s charge.