The Ministry and Worship Committee provides after-care for children from the beginning to end of all Second Hours and Meetings for Worship for the Conduct of Business. The guidelines below are meant to clarify arrangements and norms for after-care. We ask parents and guardians to ensure that your children are always under the supervision of an adult while at Meeting.


After-care is generally unprogrammed but some weeks there are group games and activities. Children are encouraged to bring games, sports equipment, and their creative ideas to share with the group. After-care is a great opportunity for children to spend time together in the outdoors. Our children have learned the rules of whiffleball and the names of flowers during after-care, and we look forward to another year of learning and playing together!


After-care typically takes place on the playground behind the White House. Please dress your children with the assumption that after-care will occur outside. Only If it is raining or the temperature is well below freezing, will after-care be held in the White House library. (It can be disappointing when the group has to come indoors because one child doesn’t have their coat.)


Once First Day School ends (typically around 11:15), families are responsible for their children, even if Joys and Concerns and Announcements are still occurring. The after-care provider is on the playground ten minutes before Second Hour begins (typically 11:50). Please bring your children to the after-care provider on the playground by the time Second Hour begins. (Parents participating in committee meetings after Meeting for Worship are welcome to have their children in after-care, but should note that it is only available on the days that there are Business Meeting or Second Hours.)


Kat Darnell is currently the regular after-care provider, whose role is to coordinate the children’s activities. On weeks John is not available, a substitute will be announced during the Announcements at the end of Meeting for Worship. John and all substitutes go through the same background check as the First Day School teachers at Adelphi. Thank you to Robalee Chapin, Richard Renner, Paul Jolly, and Rob Duncan for substituting during the past year!

Additional advice and concerns

Safety and liability

We know that children and adults can work together to prevent injuries and keep our grounds cleaned up! Constant supervision of our children is necessary to reduce our liability risks.

Children should use the play equipment only as it is intended to be used. (In particular, please explain to your children that we don’t allow climbing on parts of the play structure not intended for climbing, such as on top of the top cross beam or the top of the tubular slide.)

Children are required to remain with the group during after-care. Please help your children understand the value of staying and playing together at after-care.

Community building

Potluck is a great opportunity to build new friendships between children and adults in our community. Consider introducing your children to other Adelphi friends while you eat together.

If your children eat outside, please help them understand the value of cleaning up after themselves.

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